Saturday, September 12, 2009

The Inconspicuous Consumer no. 1.2: What a Steal

I found this today. The same bike I just blogged about went for $375. I have a feeling that all the cheap lugged steel frames will be gone soon.

Friday, September 11, 2009

The Inconspicuous Consumer no. 1: Anatomy of a Commuter Bike

I love stuff, so this portion of the blog will be devoted to all the stuff in my life. I hope also to give some advice for anyone considering similar purchases so you can make the smartest decision. First: my bike. Click the picture for the full anatomy.

The bike was a craigslist find, about $45 as a fully complete bike. The 1987 World Sport is a Reynolds 4130 steel frame with Dia Compe brakes, Sugino cranks, and Shimano gearing. I've done the fixed gear conversion thing. I stayed with the 27" size (generic Sunrims from the LBS) so I wouldn't have to change the front wheel too. I had the bottom bracket and front hub rebuilt since this thing sat in a guy's garage essentially since 1987. I also installed a new seat post for a better fit. So, my suggestion to anyone in the market for a good commuter: get an old steel frame, get comfortable grips (I have gel pads plus handlebar tape), install a rack, and choose your favorite drivetrain. Sell off the discarded parts, too. Vintage road bike parts are pretty hot right now.

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Snapshots no. 1: Valley Center

Since I was young, I always imagined that I would live in a small house in an old neighborhood where I could walk (or bike) to the essentials-grocery, drug store, bank, restaurants, church, zoo etc. Now I live in just such a place. Yes, there's a zoo down the street. No, I didn't imagine I could walk to the zoo. Feast your eyes on the Valley Center neighborhood in the late, September evening.

The Beauty of the Internet no. 1: Any Takers?

Seen on craigslist:

Big Blu Marble. I was pretty sure that someone with a spelling problem was giving away a piece of counter top or maybe a bit of rock purported to from the "Middle Sol system". Well, this is what I got.

If you can't read this, click the images or go here.